John was educated in Secondary School to Year 10 after which he left school and worked on sheep stations in the Murchison/Pilbara area of Western Australia before becoming a truck driver for Brambles.

In his early 20s John undertook mature age studies, eventually graduating with a Law Degree from the University of Western Australia.

John practised as a Barrister and Solicitor for 25 years mainly in the Criminal Law area, where his principal client was the Western Australian Police Union.

John is married to Michelle and they have 2 children.

John was diagnosed with T-Cell Lymphoma, a cancer of the T-Cells which are white cells which are the helper cells of B-Cells which fight infection.

It is called the "Orphan Cancer: because there is no known cure and it only affects 5 people in a million per year.

Paul Eddington of "Yes Minister" fame was also a sufferer of this fatal cancer and it took his life nearly a decade ago.